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User Forms and Templates

For an explanation of how these forms are used, see Enhancement Requests.

Work Request Form

When an enhancement is requested (i.e. a new report, database change, or report change) from the Enterprise Reporting organization, the first form that should be completed is the Work Request Form (a.k.a. High-level Design Form). This form contains the business justification for the enhancement, as well as a high-level description of what is being requested. It will be used by Enterprise Reporting for planning purposes. In the event of a large-scale request, a review and high-level estimate will be prepared by Enterprise Business Intelligence Solutions for further review.

Detail Design Document

The Detail Design Document (a.k.a. Report Spec Template) consists of two sections:

  1. Functional Design
  2. Technical Design

Note that an enhancement request cannot be considered until the Functional Design Section has been completed.

Functional Design Section

The Functional Design section is to be completed by the person or department making the enhancement request. It provides the specifications about the process, report, or data construct needing to be enhanced. For example, for a report enhancement, a report layout design and/or sample is required as well as a data map showing which fields are needed for each area of the report. 

Technical Design Section

Following the review of the Functional Design Section, Enterprise Business Intelligence Solutions will complete the Technical Design Section of the Detail Design Document. It will include a description of the processes, objects, and data needed to deliver the solution. Optionally, a more definitive architecture will be prepared as well as a test plan.